Buyers: How to register & bid: Information you need to know

For our live auctions, simply show up at the time and place advertised, along with your earnest money buyer’s deposit and register by completing the buyer “Terms & Conditions” form.  When you do so, you will be provided with a due diligence package with all the pertinent documents for your review. Should you be the high bidder, you will be required to complete all the necessary purchase agreement forms. You generally have 30-45 days (depending on the auction) to close on the sale, allowing ample time to arrange financing (if necessary). We have title companies research every property offered at auction to assure that you can be offered guaranteed title with title insurance.  If you need financing, we recommend that you consult with your lender ahead of time to make sure you can obtain financing for the property you want to buy. Please note that auction purchase agreements are NOT subject to financing, so make sure you have that in place prior to bidding. If you are paying cash for the desired property, in many cases you can close sooner as long as the title company has time to prepare the documents.

If you are planning to bid via our free, downloadable app, please note that we do require that you sign our bidder Terms & Conditions form prior to being allowed to bid. In addition, we require that your post the necessary deposit with our Keller Williams brokerage before the actual auction. You need to mail, drop off or arrange for funds to be held until the culmination of the auction. If you are not the successful high bidder, we simply return the deposit to you after the auction. If you are the successful bidder, the funds will be retained in the brokerage trust account as your earnest money deposit and credited to you at closing. 

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